Friday, 8 April 2016

Big Eyes & Glossy Lip Look

Due to being so busy recently, both with work and university, I am currently on my lunch break writing this post with photos I took very late last night. I'm really trying to stick to posting once a week, so here we are. Today I have a look which involves big eyes and a glossy lip. 

Recently I'm loving making my small eyes look a lot bigger but firstly I'll start on the base. For this look I was actually trying a few new products that I bought on a recent trip to Boots. Firstly, I of course prepped with Nivea Men's Sensitive Post Shave Balm, which I have had to repurchase. I had also picked up new foundations to start building my makeup kit up so I can do more freelance and I wanted to try it out on myself so I used Revlon Colorstay for combination/oily skin in #150. I really loved the finish of it but I haven't worn it long enough yet to see what I really think so I'll get back to you on that. For concealer I used my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and to set it I used NYX's HD Finishing Powder which was another new purchase and I'm really loving it so far! I used the 'baking' method and found that it worked just as well as a loose powder. On the cheeks I used Benefit's Hoola bronzer to contour, which I am totally in love with all over again, and The Balm's Mary Loumanizer to add a bit of glow to the cheekbones. I purchased some new Morphe brushes and used quite a few for this look and fell in love with them.. especially the ones I used for my cheeks, so I am going to do an in-depth review on them very soon. 

For my eyes I wanted them to look very big and smokey so I began with priming my eyes with Benefit's Air Patrol and then got stuck in with the eyeshadows. I used all Makeup Geek eyeshadows starting with Sorbet all over as a base, White Lies on the lid, Mocha and Cocoa Bear in the crease and under my eye, Crème Brulee to smoke it all out and a little pop of Mai Tai on the inner corner for sparkle. For this look I kept the lid very bare and concentrated most of the colour on the crease for a subtle cut crease look which I find really opens up the eyes. I then went in with High Brow from Benefit on the waterline which, if you read my last post, you will know I do this to really brighten and open up the eyes. I then used Makeup Gallery's Pro liquid eyeliner on the lid and went in pretty heavy to once again give the appearance of bigger eyes. If you have a really small lid space then this might not work for you. I used Rimmel's Scandal'Eyes waterproof 1pencil liner on the tightline which gives the appearance of a thicker lash band, especially when paired with liner on the lid. I finished off with Roller Lash by Benefit, obviously. 

For brows I used a tiny bit of Benefit's Browzings in light and some of NYX's Control Freak clear brow gel to hold them in place, another new purchase that I am loving. 

Lastly, on my lips I used NYX's retractable lip liner in Nude to line and slightly overdraw some uneven parts on my lips. I then smothered my lips in NYX's Intense Butter Gloss in Tres Leches to make my lips look big and super glossy. 

And that's that for this look. I know it's a lot but I like to get in all the details. I was thinking of reviewing my hand-picked Makeup Geek eyeshadow palette if you would be interested? Let me know below in the comments. 

Keep in touch with me on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat (@caitacrawford) and Facebook. I look forward to hearing what you think!

With love, 

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Simple Winged Liner & Nude Lips Look

Last week, although I was crazy busy with work, my university thesis and generally organising my life, I managed to head out for a drink for my housemate, Becky's birthday and so I created this look. I was going to post this a lot earlier but I've been on a trip to Dublin this week and I'm only getting back to reality now. This look is pretty simple, focusing mostly on the eyes. I hadn't worn liner for a while as I have been doing quite rounded smokey eyes recently so I wanted to mix it up with a winged liner look so here we are. 

Starting off I prepped my face with Image Skincare Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturiser, my new holy grail skincare range and I then primed with Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm. I really can't see myself going back to any other primer after using this. For the base, I mixed Benefit's Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow in 'Believe in me - Ivory' and Illamasqua's Skin Base foundation in #06. I'm totally loving mixing these two foundations as I get the glowy finish that I love from the Benefit one and the more full coverage finish from the Illamasqua one. I used Rimmel's Wake Me Up concealer in '010 Ivory' to highlight under my eyes and everything was finished off using Benefit's Porefessional Agent Zero Shine powder. For my cheeks I used Benefit's High Beam almost as a primer for my highlight and I then used Collection's Highlight & Sculpt Contour Kit (which I have slightly cropped out of the below photo because it's so beat up from dropping it, oops). I finished off my base with a tiny little pop of Coralista blush from Benefit.

For my brows, I used Benefit's Browzings and Gimme Brow - both in light - to give a defined but still natural looking brow. On the eyes I used my love - my hand-picked Makeup Geek eyeshadow palette. My boyfriend bought me a few shadows and a Z Palette to start me off and I have been filling it ever since with colours that I totally adore. I've just ordered the last few colours I wanted to fill them. For this specific look I used White Lies as a base, Créme Brulee in the crease, Beaches & Cream as a transition shade and a little bit of Mocha in the outer corner to smoke it out. Right on the inner corner I used a pop of Shimma Shimma for a little bit of sparkle. You will see High Brow from Benefit in the below photo and I actually used this on my waterline to really brighten my eyes up. Then for my wings I used Makeup Gallery's Pro Liquid Eyeliner which is actually from Poundland! This is honestly one of the best eyeliners I have used.. it's so black and lasts forever. I would definitely recommend at least trying it - after all, it is only £1. I finished off my eyes with Benefit's Roller Lash mascara (review here).

Finally, on my lips I used Cashmere from Lime Crime which is one of my absolute favourite nude lippies. It's a perfect colour for me and it stays on for hours. I don't even need to use a lip liner with this liquid lipstick... I just need to use a tiny bit at a time to line my lips before putting it on all over. I recently got a lot more Lime Crime products and might review some of them for you.

I hope you liked this post and this look. I'm really enjoying posting makeup looks and can't wait to post more. Keep up to date with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and let me know if there's any looks you'd like to see.

With love,

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Super Smokey Green/Brown Eye Look

As mentioned in my previous post I am going to be focusing on beauty so this post is all about makeup. Last week I created a lovely green/brown smoked out look and I wanted to share with you exactly how I achieved the look.

The sun was shining, I was up early on my day off and I was feeling productive so obviously I had to have a good makeup day. Firstly, I prepped my skin with Image Skincare Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturiser and then used Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm as a primer (Nikkie tutorials is the queen of makeup for figuring that one out). I then used Benefit's Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow in 'Believe in Me' and applied it with a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge to create a nice, glowy base. I applied Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer in #1 on the high points of my face to highlight and finally for the base, I used Art Deco's Fixing Powder to set everything.

On the cheeks, I simply used Collection's Highlight & Sculpt Contour Kit. This kit is only £4.19 and it's brilliant quality. The powders are so blendable and the bronzer is such a lovely contour colour. I also find that the highlight shows up so well on my pale skin. I simply used a Zoeva fan brush to apply my highlight and it looked really natural and blended.

Now for eyes.. please, please excuse my messy brows! I've been holding out until the end of the month to get them done as I'm going away to Dublin for a few nights and want them to be perfect. For my brows, I simply used Rimmel London's Brow Pencil in Hazel. I have recently rediscovered this after attending a Jamie Genevieve masterclass and she said she swears by it considering how great the quality is for a cheap drugstore product. On my eyes I strictly used Makeup Geek eyeshadows as I have recently got them and I can't get over the quality of them for the price! When I heard everyone talking about it, I thought it was exaggerated but I can definitely say that these are the best shadows I have used. Would you be interested in an in-depth review of them? I used crème brulee all over, cocoa bear in the crease and underneath my eye, enchanted forest all over the lid, mocha to smoke out the edges with a little under my eye as well and mermaid on the inner corner. I then used Max Factor's Longwear Eyeliner in #6 on the waterline and tightline as I didn't want any on the lid but I still wanted a smokey look. For mascara, I used my ultimate favourite.. Roller Lash mascara by Benefit. I swear by this mascara and I rarely use any others because I'm so in love with this one. Read my in depth review HERE if you want to.

And finally, on my lips I used Illamasqua's lipstick in Bare which is one of my favourite nudes and I applied Stila Cosmetics gloss in Praline on top to make my lips look bigger and glossier as they were going through a rough patch. Roll on better weather so my skin can feel better and more hydrated!

I know this post was quite long but I hope you enjoyed it. I will be posting more makeup looks in the near future and especially when I have my brows looking a whole lot better! I'm loving rounded smokey eyes recently as it's a lot quicker and easier than winged liner and a nude lip is always a simple go-to look. 

What kind of looks would you like to see? I post a lot more over on my Instagram if you're interested in seeing them.

With love,

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

Okay, so firstly, I hope you all got my Jay-Z reference in the title as I will now be singing that song for the rest of this post. But anywaaay, for a whole eight months now, disregarding the odd tweet and my Instagram profile, I have been absent from the blogging scene. Although I have been busy and a lot has been going on in my life, I also stopped loving my blog and that is the simple explanation for my disappearance. However, for the past two months or so, a tiny little something has been missing from my life and I now realise it's my blog. When I really got into blogging, I honestly thought I'd be posting once or twice every week but I ended up just writing anything in order to get a post up and the more time went on, the more I kind of hated my posts. So now I have to decided to focus on beauty - my one true love.

Some recent Instagram beauty posts @caitacrawford 

If you follow me on Instagram you will see that even there I have began to focus mostly on beauty. Beauty, specifically makeup, is where I feel comfortable and through years of practice and a year and a half of working on a makeup counter I have become quite confident in speaking about it. This blog alone was a step outside of my comfort zone so I think sticking with what I know will make it that bit easier for me to post consistent and good quality blog posts. I will still post some lifestyle and fashion posts if I feel they are up to scratch.

Although absent from here, I have been posting a lot of my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so if you want to see what I've been up to you can catch up with me there, From now on, I'm hoping to post at least once a week but being in my final year of university, I cannot promise anything and do not want to put pressure on myself when my blog should be something I enjoy. I do want to be more committed to my little space of the internet though so expect to see a lot more from me. I also have a little giveaway planned for the near future for those of you who have continued to follow me throughout my absence. My first official new post will be coming next week so keep your eyes peeled! I really look forward to getting right back into it and interacting with the blogging community again.

With love,

Friday, 31 July 2015

Top Travel Destinations Bucket List | Travel

Hello lovelies! If you're like me and are a poor student or just totally broke, you'll know how horrible it is to have all these plans and what to do so many things but just not being able to afford it at all. It totally sucks. But I'm hoping that once I finish university next June and get a full time job, I'll be able to start saving for things.. especially travelling.

I love travelling and although I haven't seen much of the world, I have big plans. One of my favourite quotes ever comes from Saint Augustine who said..

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” 

I actually wrote a whole post (here) just about quotes relating to travelling. I have a whole list of places I want to visit and if I could, I'd travel the world, but here's some of the top destinations on my list.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands which has evolved from a fishing town to a city which is very popular amongst tourists. With the likes of the historic canals, Anne Frank house and the red-light district, I'm sure you wouldn't be short of things to do and see whilst on a trip here. Amsterdam is probably at the top of my list of places to go right now!

Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain after Madrid, is well known for its architecture and art. The city looks like the kind of place where you'll be looking around yourself the whole time and you'll always find something beautiful to look at. I can imagine coming home with far too many photographs. 

Florida, USA


As Florida is a state, the city I'd love to visit would be Orlando as it seems you'll never run out of things to do. There's a safari, the many shopping malls, beaches (about an hour away but still in Florida, just not Orlando), Universal Studios and of course Disney World! I need to visit one of Disney's parks some time in the near future because I never went as a kid and it's a little bit soul destroying. I think this type of holiday would exhaust me but be totally worth it at the same time.

Brighton, England

Brighton is a seaside town in South East England and is only a few hours away from me in Belfast. Yes okay, it means planes and trains and what not, but it's still closer than any of my other top travel destinations. It is well known for its quirky lanes for shopping, its music and of course, Brighton pier. This would be somewhere to really relax and take in all the faces and places.

These places are all quite different but they all appeal to me for different reasons. As I said, I'd travel the world if I could. Have any of you been to any of these places and want to share some stories or helpful information? Or are you wanting to visit these places too?

I hope you liked this post. I might write about other places I want to visit as well. Let me know below your top travel destinations. I'd love to hear! Thank you for reading.

With love,

Thursday, 23 July 2015

My Top 20 Favourite Photos | Lifestyle

Hello lovelies! Today is something a little different and more personal. I love going through photographs - both new and old - so I thought I would share my top 20 favourite photos of all time. It's really hard whittling it down to just 20 as I have thousands of photos saved to my laptop, phone, Facebook and hard drive. But here we are!

With the lovely Katy, doing what we do best - in Alleycat with a drink and having a laugh.

Many, many years ago on holiday with my daddy and Ellie. I don't even remember where exactly in Spain we are here but I remember going home early with daddy this night and getting a chinese takeaway on the way back to the hotel, haha. Forever taking food over social interactions.. Nothing's changed there.

The time we very randomly bumped into Made In Chelsea's Louise and Binky in New York! Turns out they were filming Made In Chelsea: New York. We were so shocked because we never thought we would meet them in New York after we had tried hunting them down when we were in London, haha!

I adore this photo. I must only be about 2 here but my Daddy has us facing the mirror so I could see us both, which is obviously very exciting when you're that age haha. I cut this photo out when I was about 7/8 for a photo album that I had so now I just have this little cut-up version, oops!

Sam just being a total cutie when he was about 3 I believe. He always loved hanging out in my room and getting his hands on whatever I was doing.

Out at Filthy's with all the lovely girls from work. As much as I complain about my job (as everyone does), I couldn't leave this lot. I've made a few really good friends working at Benefit.

Me, Sam and Ellie recently when we headed for ice cream. These two grow up so quickly.. It's scaring me! Slow down guys.

Throwback to me being the biggest fangirl everrrr. I melted heads for about a year talking about Union J. I still love them but I'm just not totally obsessed anymore ('thank god' I hear my friends say). I managed to meet them a few times and this was the first time when they played a gig and done a meet and greet in El Divino and tickets were only £10! Imagine that, haha.

An example of one of me and Nicola's extremely spontaneous nights out. It was a few nights before Halloween and we decided at about 9pm to go out with no costumes (hence the cat faces). Somehow Nicola ended up with some skeleton/bride/ghost costume thing, haha. I don't know how we always manage to end up drunk when we're together.

Me and my lovely boyfriend, Blair, when he took me to Portugal for my birthday. We were just drunk and so happy the whole time and this picture shows us both drunk and happy so pretty much sums up the holiday. Can't wait for more travels with this one!

Probably my favourite photo of all time! My wonderful Granda Davy, me and my amazing Daddy. My two favourite men ever. Sadly, we lost our Granda Davy last April but we always have the lovely memories together to look back on.

The day me, Sam and Ellie ended up in the park feeding the birds and ducks. Me and Sam kept getting swarmed by them when we had the bread and it was just so funny. I love when natural emotions get captured on camera.

Basically, me and Nicola have always been weirdos and this photo is an example of that.

Me and Daddy on the High Line in New York. A lovely place to visit and I couldn't have spent this trip with anyone better - my Daddy and stepmum, Leeanne.

That time me and Kerry went to a club in Lurgan and ended up being best mates with Simon Webbe from Blue who was DJ-ing that night. I noticed him and Kerry didn't even believe it was him at first. One of the funniest and most eventful nights out.. ever!

Me and Leeanne went to London back in 2013 and had the best time. Some people seemed to think it was weird that it was just me and my stepmum going away together but we honestly get on the best. I'd be lost without her!

Me, Daddy and Ellie on Florianska Street in Krakow, Poland in 2011 - my second favourite place after New York. This was my first time there and I went a further two times and still want to go again.

This is such a great photo! Almost all the family at my Granda Davy and Nana Joan's 50th wedding anniversary in 2009. This was such a nice day and having all the family together like that never happens so it was great.

Just me, Leeanne and James Franco. Casual. No, but seriously.. I met this dude twice whilst in New York! How cool. We went to see Of Mice And Men on Broadway as it's one of my all time favourite plays so seeing it live and with such big stars was incredible.

I think this was maybe my 8th or 9th birthday, not sure, but this photo has been up on my pinboard for years. I just love it. Green's Pizza was where we went every year for my birthday. Shout out to the St. John's gals, haha!

I know this was a little more personal but I hope you enjoyed this. I know this will be something that I'll like looking back on. Photographs are so incredible - you can capture a moment and keep it forever - how amazing! I always get photos printed as I hate just having them on a device where they could possibly get lost. I have a big pinboard in my bedroom and I'm forever sticking new photos up on it.

What are some of your favourite photos? Do you just ever sit and look back on yours? Let me know below. I hope you liked this and thanks for reading.

With love,

Sunday, 19 July 2015

They're Real Beyond Purple Lips | Beauty

Hello lovelies! Last week on Instagram I posted this look and said I'd fill you all in on what I'm wearing on my lips. It wasn't just a normal lipstick.. I came up with my own little concoction so here it is!

So it's super easy.. Benefit's They're Real push-up liner in Beyond Purple and Gerard Cosmetic's Buttercup lipstick. The Benefit liner (which I have reviewed here) was used to line my lips and after I lined it, I used a small lip brush to blend the product towards the centre of my lips. I then applied Buttercup (also reviewed here) to the centre of my lips and blended it towards the purple liner.

It became a really beautiful purple-pink lip colour which felt surprisingly comfortable on the lips and stayed really well. I honestly didn't wear it for that long but for the couple of hours that I did, it didn't smudge or anything like that. Because the liner is smudge-proof and very long lasting, I think it acted as a great base for the lipstick.

For my base, I used Mac Cosmetic's Studio Fix Fluid in NC15, Maybelline Fit Me powder in 120, Benefit's Hoola bronzer, Benefit's Watts Up highlighter and a little bit of Soap & Glory's Glow All Out luminizing face powder. On my eyes, I used Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette, Maybelline's Eye Studio Lasting Drama gel liner in black and Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara. I really loved the overall look!

What do you think of this look? Do you like the lip colour? I thought that since it's such a great eye liner that doesn't budge.. Why not try it as a lip liner? And it worked so well. Do you ever use products for something other than intended? I love finding new ways to use things.

I hope you liked this type of post. Would you like to see more makeup looks? Thank you for reading!

With love,