Monday, 2 September 2013

My year in pictures

This post is just a way for me to document the past year of my life because it really has been a great one and I want to look back on it in years to come and not think of the days that I sat in the house on my laptop but rather for all the great things I have done whether it be simply having a nice day out or going on holiday. I doubt anyone will look at this but if so, hello. But this blog post is just something that I wanted to do for myself. It may seem strange to start in September rather than do a January-December post but in August 2012, I moved in my daddy and stepmum, Leeanne, and therefore, September was a fresh start for me. This post may be lacking photos from some events because I just recently lost all of my photographs and am therefore relying solely on photographs that have been posted to various other social networking sites. I also thought that if I lose my photos again, at least I will have this post. So here it goes, starting with September 2012.


In September, I really didn't take much photographs.. but here's some photos from a Hardcase gig in Derry.
I seem to have lost any other photographs from September which is a bit crap.. but there are plenty more from other months.

Here's some pictures from a nice, cozy and rather drunken night in The Elms.

I don't know if you can tell, but these photos are from Halloween. Haha!

This month, me, Ryan, and his family went to Ryan's granny's 80th birthday party and it was such a great night. Me, Ryan and his cousin, Conor, decided to do Gangnam Style in front of the whole family and make absolute idiots out of ourselves. Hahaha, it was so funny though!

This was a typical December, largely spent in the house or in other people's houses because I am not a fan of cold weather and therefore, cozy days in are the best and cozy days do not often consist of photographs. Christmas was lovely though and spending it with my daddy and Leeanne was the best! 
(Please ignore the no make-up!) But aren't we so cute?

January largely consisted of studying, days stuck in due to snow and lots and lots of driving lessons. At this point, anyone reading this will think I have a very boring life but it does get more exciting.. I promise! P.S. Study hard and you will get good results!

February was a very busy and very exciting month. Prepare for lots of photos!

We went to see Runnin' Riot and The Members and it was brilliant! Runnin' Riot are one of my favourite bands and I had been listening to The Members for a very long time so seeing them both was amazing. Such a great night!

Now we have the London photographs. I've tried to cut them down a lot but there are still loads. Me and my stepmum went to London together and I'm so happy that we did. We were already very close but I think it made us even closer and it was definitely one of the best holidays I've had. I'm definitely going to go back to London when I can.
Of course I had to go to the Disney part of Harrods - I'm such a big child! 
 I just thought these were hilarious, hahaha!
 I of course had to get M&M's in one of my favourite colours.
This is Ripley's Believe It or Not! If you haven't been before, I highly recommend that you go. It's so interesting and so much fun. You should also do the laser race at the end.. It's like something out of Mission Impossible and it's hilarious. By the way, I had many, many more photos but I don't want to spoil it for people who haven't been.
This was the bus that we went on for the bus tour. We went on a bus/boat tour so we seen much of London and then went down the River Thames on the boat. It was a brilliant way to see everything!
 We thought our tourguide, Henry, was very cute so obviously we asked for a photograph. Haha!
Camden is my most favourite place in the world! I wish I took more photographs but I was too busy enjoying myself and wishing I had more money so I could buy everything. I need to go back asap.
We stayed in Hammersmith (which is lovely) and we happened to see this the day we were going home and it was just so appropriate right then so I had to take a photo. Hammersmith, I will be back and I do love you.

So, the next band I went to see is a total contrast to the last two.. it's Union J! If you know me, you'll know that I have a rather crazy obsession with Union J. Before them, I had never liked a boyband but when I seen George Shelley and Triple J audition on the X Factor, I fell in love. So hearing about the chance to see them live AND meet them was the best news ever! I couldn't pass and I even missed my boyfriend's birthday for it. Oops. It was also my stepmum's birthday but I convinced her and my daddy to go with me in order to 'celebrate' her birthday. It was one of the best nights ever!
This is and forever will be my favourite photo. I actually met my favourite boyband and had actual conversations with them and actually got to hug them and George told me he loved me and Josh told me that my denim jacket was the coolest and it was just fabulous. Ok. Look at me, Josh and George in our matching denim.. Aren't we cute? Aww.
So, the day after I seen and met Union J, I done my driving test and I passed! Yay! It was such a good feeling and such a great achievement. And I actually have a slightly decent licence photo.. what the hell!?
We then went paintballing for Ryan's birthday and omg, it was so much fun! I hurt like crazy the next fews day because you run so much and have to crawl through/around things and I am a very unactive person so it hurt, haha! By the way, I am not that fat but I look absolutely massive here because all the suits were far too big on me because I am tiny. Haha!
 I was the last remaining person on our team against four others.. scary biscuits!

Another Runnin' Riot gig and of course, it was brilliant!
I love how this looks like an old photograph, haha!

Ok. February is finally over and we're onto March. March has less photos but was also very exciting.

So, here are some photos from a Hardcase gig. It was a great night!

It may seem pathetic and a bit sad to add in but it made me very happy so I'm including it. But yeah, Josh from Union J tweeted me. Yay!

At the end of March, Union J were playing another gig in Belfast but I knew that I wouldn't get into the place because I was not yet 18 and the place they were playing in is quite strict.. so instead, me and my little sister went to meet them at the airport! We got to meet them which was amazing and all the boys remembered me from the first time we met. George almost jumped on top of me when he seen me and he dropped all of his presents everywhere and hugged me. It was adorable. George Shelley, if you just happen to be reading this.. I think we make a cute couple so please marry me. Thanks.

This is my little sister.. even though she is taller than me. Shh! I am a tiny little person.
 We then met up with Hayley at the airport. Excuse us while we look like absolute stoners!
 Me and Josh (excuse my dodgy eyes).
Me and Jaymi. I wasn't trying to look this moody but my camera wouldn't work. Haha! 
 Me and JJ.
Me and George (aka the cutest couple ever. Ok).

My birthday month, yay! Big 18. I thought it was never going to come. I'm a bit greedy though and had 3 birthdays. Oops!

Firstly, my daddy, Leeanne and I went out for a lovely meal and some drinks.
 We came home and I went upstairs to get changed and I came back down and my daddy and Leeanne had decorated the kitchen, got me a cake and laid out some presents. It was brilliant!
 How cool is this?
I got an amazing new laptop and lots of other presents. It was so good!

Then me and some friends went out. My friend, Cara, took me out for dinner which was lovely and we then went to El Divino and got rather drunk. It was a great night. 

Then me, Ryan and the rest of Hardcase went to Lisburn for a gig that they were playing at. It was in a shitty little bar but it was so much fun and everyone who was playing was brilliant. I loved Stiff Little Busker.. he was amazing!

 Hardcase being their usual crazy selves.

May was a very busy month. It was filled with lots of different emotions.

Firstly, we left school this month. It was so emotional. After 7 years in a school, it's very daunting to think that you'll never be back and you'll not see a lot of those people again. It's a strange feeling because you always complain about school until you have to leave and then you want to stay forever. We had a 'last day' in school along with a school mass that night and then we had our leaver's night out. Here are some of the photos.
Our Media Studies class had the best relationship with our Media Studies teacher, Mr Connor. We adored him and he was the best teacher ever, constantly pushing us to do better as well as having lots of laughs! On our last day, he got us this amazing cake. Each little person on the cake represented a person in our class and of course, the cute old man represented him. Haha! He was one of the best teachers ever!
 All the sociology girls with our teacher, Miss Fell.
Us girls went to primary school together and continued on to secondary school together. Of course we had to get a cute photograph together.
 Psychology buddies!
Our school song and sweeties. Cute!
 A year group photo. Aww.
Me and one of the nicest girls I've ever met, Shannon. I'm so glad we became friends in the last year of school! And now we're heading off to university together and I'm so happy!

In May, I got my first job! My stepmum was applying for absolutely everything for me and I luckily got a phonecall from a little service station near me and I went in for an interview and got the job! Look at me in my work shirt, haha!

Just a wee night out with the lads.
The size difference between me and John is ridiculous. Haha!

On the 18th, me, Cara, Nuala and Eithne went to see Lucy Spraggan and she was fantasic! I absolutely adore her. She's so cute and so funny. I fell in love a little bit.
 We then went out afterwards to Limelight and met up with some other people. It was so good.
So yeah, here's Nuala, some random guys and some animals. Normal.

Me and my sister, Ellie, then went to Radio 1's Big Weekend in Derry. It was one of the best days ever. We seen so many acts and it was so fun. Such a great day!
 Danny Howard.
 Two Door Cinema Club.

 Jameela Jamil.
The Saturdays.
 Nick Grimshaw.
 Iggy Azalea.
The 1975.
 Ellie Goulding.
Kendrick Lamar.
Scott Mills.
DJ Fresh.

June consisted of lots and lots of studying for my horrible A-Levels. It was so crap but I now know that it was definitely worth it.
I'm so organised.

This month, I got my first car! I didn't think I would get one for about a year but my daddy found a good one and I got it. I fell in love straight away. She's called Bubbles. Do other people name their cars or am I weird?
 Isn't it cute?

I also got my ticket for Union J's first tour this month! It's not until January but I'm already excited, haha!

July was a very warm and fun month!

This was simply just a nice day where me and Ryan went to Belfast Harbour because it was lovely and sunny!
I took my sister out for a drive this day and then we went for a walk through the park and then went to McDonald's. It was just a nice wee day.

Then on the 14th, me, Ryan, Conor and John went to Krakow, Poland. This was my third year in a row going to Krakow. I absolutely adore the place. It's so beautiful and everyone should go. Most of our time was spent eating and drinking but we also went on a horse and cart tour, went to Wawel Castle and rented out bikes and went around the Old Town of Krakow. It was such an amazing holiday!
In Pergamin Chill Out Music bar.
Yummie for dinner.
Chilling in the apartment.
John got the smallest ice-cream possible, hahaha.
Love Polish drinks.
Slightly drunk.
Best hot chocolate in the world.
Wawel castle.
The loveliest cupcakes.
Grande Grill for dinner.
Very drunken night out.
Tour of Krakow.
Oscar Schindler's factory.
Virtuoso for dinner.
Just thought this was cool.

Whilst in Poland, I got a tattoo. I didn't get a good photo during my holiday because it was still healing so here's one from afterwards when it was healed.
I personally love it, haha.

August was a little bit stressful because I was waiting on results. Boo!

I know this isn't exciting but I read The Fault In Our Stars and it was one of the best books I have ever read so it deserved a place in this post. I loved it so much. I highly recommend it!

So I got my results and I got two A's and a B. I was so, so happy. I needed an A and two B's for university and I actually got higher than I needed so I was very proud of myself. All of my hard work definitely paid off!
 Look, I'm a Queen's student now! I feel so grown up and I am so happy. Aaah! 

Near the end of the month, me, Hayley and some other girls went to the Ardoyne Fleadh and seen Jordan O'Keefe. He is amazing live and such a cutie!
You can just about see my little head sticking in from the right, haha.

I also got a wee tweet from Jordan. Yay!

My last post is about my sister Ellie's birthday. You honestly wouldn't think I am four years older than her. She is wearing heeled boots here but even without them, I am still tiny compared to her. She's so tall and skinny.. lucky girl! But anyway, it was her 14th birthday so me, Ellie, my daddy and my stepmum went to see Kick Ass 2 in the cinema (which is hilarious) and then for dinner. It was a really lovely day!

So anyway, this concludes my 'year in pictures' post. If anyone has actually looked at this post then thank you because I don't really think anyone will. It's just a way of me documenting my year but I wanted to make it interesting just in case anyone does read it. I've had an amazing year. I've done so much and also achieved so much (driving licence, got my first job, got a car, got my A-Levels and got into university) so it's been great. I'm really proud of myself because there's so many things that could have brought me down but I didn't let it. I've realised what people are really like and who should or shouldn't be in my life and I've grown up a lot. This sounds so soppy but ah well. I'm also so thankful for my daddy and Leeanne who have really helped me do so much. I hope the next year is as good as or even better than this past year. I have so much to look forward to like going to University. I'm also going to see Union J next January and then going to see Russell Howard in March. Yay! Maybe I'll do a post like this again next year. I should probably go now. Bye!

- xoxo