Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My week via Instagram

Hello lovelies. I always see people making little Instagram blog posts and they're always really cute so I thought I would make one, haha :-) I haven't been up to thaaat much in the past week but here's what I posted from Monday to Sunday last week. I'll write a little about each photo from left to right..

  1. On Monday I had my first exam in university. Although it was only worth 3.5% of our first module, it was still scaaary! So Monday's are my longest day of the week in uni (9am-5pm) but we have a 3 hour gap and I just spent that time studying. The test went okay.. I think. Fingers crossed!
  2. Tuesday was another day in uni. This pic was at 6.45am so that's why it's so dark outside haha. I have to get up at 6am for uni.. how upsetting is that? But I didn't get up to anything really exciting this day. I went to uni, got home, wrote this post and then chilled out.
  3. This pic is also from Tuesday and just represents my love for The 1975 and the little beauty that is Matt Healy. I spent most of Tuesday listening to their new album (which is one of the best albums ever by the way) and watching interviews. I really, really liked them near the start of 2013 when my Daddy told me about them but once I seen them live in May at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend I just fell completely in love!
  4. I spent Wednesday doing my first bit of Christmas shopping. I got my little sister Ellie's presents completely sorted, my friend Shannon's presents and my Grandma's so it was a good start. I had put myself on a spending ban (buying things for myself) but I totally caved and bought this Rimmel nail polish and MUA highlighter. It was killing me shopping for others and not getting myself anything so I just had to, haha!
  5. On Thursday night, me and my friend Kerry went for food and to the cinema. We met whilst working together in the garage and got really close just before I left so we now have little meet ups all the time and it's great. I've actually now got a friend in Lurgan now (a.k.a. the middle of nowhere, lol). The film wasn't amazing but we did have a great night!
  6. Friday was a pretty lazy day. I had a lie in, got some food, got ready, went to work for a few hours then came home and watched YouTube videos and caught up on reading some blogs. It was fab.
  7. On Saturday morning, I sat and re-arranged my pinboard. I kind of do this every 6 months or so and take old pictures down and add new ones. I printed a load of new photos off and it looks so much better now! I always love my pinboard.. I just think it's a great way to really put my personality into my room :-)
  8. This photo and the next were actually from Saturday night but I didn't upload them until Sunday. On Saturday night, me and Kerry decided to have a night out as it was Kerry's birthday on the Friday but she had had a family day and we hadn't had a proper night out together so it was long overdue. We got ready and had pre-drinks in mine and then went to a club in Lurgan called The Burn.
  9. We got to The Burn and I said to Kerry that the DJ looked so much like Simon Webbe from Blue.. she disagreed but it actually turned out to be him! Hahaha. It was so funny. We had such a funny/amazing night and got up to so many antics that just cannot be discussed on my blog, haha. 
Well anyway, that was my week. This post is a little lengthier than I thought it would be but sureee. I hope you liked it :-)

Goodbye lovelies!

- xoxo

P.S. You can find me on Instragram here.
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  1. hope your uni test went ok! I have my first one soon too


    1. Thanks! I'm hoping so too, haha. I hope yours also goes well lovely! xx