Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Getting drunk & fangirling | Life Update

Hello lovelies! So I've currently been studying when I'm not working and sleeping when I'm not studying which is pretty crap to say the least. I just want these exams to be over.. Roll on 3.30pm on 24th January when I'll be exam free for another few months! I did, however, manage to have a pretty fantastic weekend as I wasn't working and decided that studying wasn't going great anyway so not doing it for a while wouldn't make much of a difference. I just thought I would share some pictures from my weekend :-)

On Saturday, me and my friend Kerry went out in Lurgan. I'm not going to go into much detail about this night because the internet does not need to know the ridiculous things we get up to on nights out but I'll say that it was super fun and I was super drunk.

What I'm wearing: 
Top - Primark
Skirt - H&M
How drunk am I like?

So I then spent Sunday pretty hungover but had to recover in time to go and see UNION J! If you're unfamiliar with my obsessive fangirl behaviour then where have you been. I've been hopelessly in love with Union J since they were on The X Factor back in 2012 (wow, that seems so long ago now) and the obsession has lived on and got stronger as time has passed. It's awful being a fangirl.. just living with a broken heart and forever getting judged, haha! But anyway, my boys just finished their first headline tour last night and I couldn't be prouder. I went to see them on Sunday at The Waterfront in Belfast and it was absolutely incredible. Their support acts were Ollie Marland (who we missed, oops!), Room94 and 5 Angels. Room94 were so good and we met them afterwards.. but I only got a picture with the singer because everyone was going crazy lol. I sadly didn't meet Union J this time but the show was so amazing that I don't even mind. I'll add some of the best pics from when me and my sister, Ellie, went to Pizza Hut beforehand and then the concert :-)
Ellie's dress is from River Island
My playsuit is from
Took this while waiting on food, lol

Now the concert..
Jaymi is the queen of sass
He is far too cute
Aww JJ & George are absolute cuties
Wish this was me instead but it was super cute, aww
Aww, my babies
Beautiful, beautiful boy
He absolutely breaks my heart

So, that's it. Back to the reality of work and studying. But this was such an amazing weekend! I really do wish I wasn't so in love with Union J but while I am, I'll totally embrace it. They've already said that there will be a second album and tour and I currently feel like a proud mother! Do any of you have any little obsessions?

I hope you liked this type of post & I hope you're all keeping well! Until next time.. Byeeee!

- xoxo



  1. Love this - I am a huge McFly fan, and went to so many concerts between the ages of probably 13-18 so I completely understand the mentality of a fangirl. I've probably calmed down a bit now but I think I just have the kind of personality where I can get obsessed with things easily!
    Wee Bit of Rachel

    1. Thank you :-) haha, I'm glad you understand the life of a fangirl! People think I'm mad being a fangirl at 18 but I don't care, lol. I'm the same though.. I have such an obsessive personality! Thanks for the comment xx

  2. Hello lovely, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog, I really appreciate it! :)

    I'm your newest follower and looking forward to your next post! :)


    1. Not a problem lovely! I love your blog :-) & thanks very much! xx

  3. Love you blog, I nominated you for a Libester award x

    1. Aww, thank you so much! That's so nice of you :-) I'll post about it as soon as I can xx

  4. Awesome hair you have <3
    Just found your blog, it's very nice!

    Andera |

  5. Love your hair and nose piercing! It really suits you. x Jazzy (

  6. i love youre hair wish i was brave enough to do it

    1. Haha thanks! You should just go for it :') xx

  7. Hey! I recently nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog. Let me know if you do the post!
    Alice x

  8. Hey, Love your hair, it's gorgeous! Great post also...
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