Sunday, 9 February 2014

Watches for under £3

Hello lovelies! I seem to be finding so many little bargains lately and I feel like I just have to share them. These two watches are both from eBay and both cost less than £3 which is just amazing. I've been wearing the same watch for too long now so I thought I needed to treat myself to some new ones so when I found these pretty ones, I was so happy.

This first watch can be found here. This watch only costs £1.77 which is an absolute steal. As soon as I seen this watch, I fell in love. It looks like something that you would find on Tumblr, haha. I haven't been wearing it that much lately but I think it'll look super cute when the warmer weather comes about and I start wearing Summer dresses. My only complaint about this watch is that it feels a little stiff to begin with but it's already started to loosen up so I think when I start wearing it more, it'll be fine :-) this watch is also available in black and brown.

The second watch can be bought here. This watch costs £2.85. I adore this watch! It looks so much more expensive than it really is and nobody believes me when I tell them the price. I think it looks so similar to an Ice watch so the price is great. I really have no complaints at all about this and I haven't had it off me. This watch is available in lots of other colours too so although this colour may not be for you, I'm sure there is one you will like so you should check them out!

I hope you like these types of posts! I also hope that you also enjoy a little bargain :-) 

Let me know in the comments what you think of these watches and if you yourself have found any good bargains lately! Until next time.. Byeeee!

- xoxo



  1. This mint green watch looks soooo cute! i think i might have to copy you..

    Amber xx

    1. Isn't it lovely? You should.. I don't mind, haha :-) xx

  2. My gosh I can't believe how cheap you got these, I really should browse Ebay more often I really want the mint green one now so cute x


    1. You would be surprised at the amount of great bargains you can get.. definitely have a look :-) xx

  3. this is a great post, I love watches but hate how pricey they are! Definitely going to have a look on ebay X

  4. Love this post!

    Have a wonderful day.