Monday, 7 April 2014

My wonderful Granda | Life Update

Hello lovelies. I haven't been blogging much recently and I haven't been on social media a lot either. You may or may not know that my Granda Davy passed away last Wednesday (2nd April). This post is just a little dedication to him.

My favourite photo of my Granda Davy, me and my Daddy.

My Granda was one of the most amazing, funny and loving gentlemen I have ever met and probably ever will meet. He was one of those people that when others met him, they just instantly liked him. I don't think it was possible to not like him, haha.

I'll always remember how he used to sit in his armchair and watch everybody gossip and mess around and he would just listen and laugh along with us. He would chirp in with the odd story but he was really a listener. He was the one that when Nanny shouted at us when we were kids, he would wink at you just to let you know you weren't really in trouble. He was the type of man who could make a joke out of anything. He was so inspirational and his children and us grandchildren all looked up to him.

This was at my Nanny and Granda's 50th wedding anniversary.

When he got ill, we were all heartbroken but seeing him suffer was the worst. Now that he has passed on, we know that he is in a better place and he is no longer in pain. We all have the lovely memories to look back on now and we can all laugh about what a legend he was.

I recently found this quote.. "Mostly it is loss which teaches us the worth of things" and just thought it was perfect. Now that Granda is gone, I feel like I appreciate my family more and I've been loving spending so much time with them recently.

This was at my Granda's 78th birthday.

If you've lost anyone, I truly hope you are okay because I understand how horrible it is. RIP to our wonderful Granda Davy. I will always love you and miss you!

I apologise for the soppy and personal post but blogging is now the way that I like to express myself. I hope you all understand. Until next time, goodbye!

- xoxo


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