Thursday, 19 June 2014

First day in the Big Apple | New York

Hello lovelies! So, I've decided to do a little blog series about my time in New York. I'm going to do a separate post for each day and just tell you a little bit about what me, my daddy and stepmum, Leeanne, got up to each day! I'll add in photos and although there will probably be a lot.. this is the cut down version! I took almost 2000 photos in 10 days, haha!

So on our first day, we got to New York and into the hotel at about 4pm. We basically just explored a bit on our first day. My daddy and Leeanne had been to New York once before but I hadn't so I had no idea about anything so it was nice just to look around and try to get used to where we were staying and things like that. We were staying near the Empire State building which was awesome. So the first thing we done was walk down Fifth Avenue then we went for a drink at the Rockefeller Centre. Afterwards we walked towards Central Park and took in all the wonderful sights before heading to Times Square. Times Square is now my most favourite place in the world! It's just absolutely amazing and there's just such a great buzz about it. As I walked towards Times Square, I got super emotional. It's such a strange feeling but I just kind of realised at that moment that I was actually in New York.. a place I never thought I would go to. It was just a perfect first day exploring and taking it all in. 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and liked this type of post! I know that I love looking at other people's holiday photos so I thought I would share mine. I don't want to bore you too much with writing so I'll try to keep it to a minimum throughout all of the posts. Are any of you going anywhere nice this Summer? :-)

Thanks for reading. & until next time.. goodbye!

- xoxo

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