Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Mingling with celebrities | New York

Hello lovelies! I'm having a quiet Sunday night so here we go with day 6 of my New York post..

On this day, we went to the 9/11 memorial which was absolutely incredible. It was so emotional but so amazing to see. Americans seem to be so proud of their country and I just think that's great. I would highly recommend going to see the 9/11 memorial. However, we were not prepared at all for how huuuge it is. We were there for something like 5 hours and that was without reading all of the information and skimming past some things. It definitely takes up most of your day but it's so worth it!

That evening, we went to see Of Mice and Men on Broadway. Wow, what an amazing show! I had read the book many, many times and loved it and the play just made my love for the book grow so much more! The incredible actors obviously helped, haha. The cast was made up of James Franco, Chris O'Dowd, Leighton Meester, Jim Norton, Joel Marsh Garland, Jim Parrack, Ron Cephas Jones, James McMenamin, Alex Morf and Jim Ortlieb. The play was so moving and incredibly well played. The set design was also amazing. I kind of fell in love with Curley's dog too, such a cutie haha! After the show, we went to the stage door and met most of the cast which I never even dreamed would happen. First to come out was Leighton Meester. I have loved her for years but omg I did not think she would be so cute, tiny and quiet in person. She was super lovely and was just quite quiet and giggled a lot. So adorable! Next to come out was Joel Marsh Garland who was just an absolute sweetheart and spent so much time with everyone. Next was Jim Parrack who my stepmum went a bit mad about because she loves True Blood, haha. He seemed to think 'why do people want to take photos with me?' which I thought was a bit strange but hey. Next was the fabulous Chris O'Dowd. My dad shouted 'come on down to the Irish, Chris' and he came straight to us. I told him we were from Ireland and he was like 'nah, you're lying' haha. He was so sweet and so funny though. However, I didn't get a photo with him as the rest of the crowd had got a bit mad at this stage. Last but by no means least was James Franco. The crowd went crazy when he came out but I had been speaking to his security who told me just to get ready to take a selfie, haha. I told James that we had come from Ireland and he gave me a big squeezey hug and asked where abouts we were from. He seemed genuinely interested haha. He then held my arm up to make sure we got a selfie haha. It was an incredible night! I couldn't believe that we had just met those people. Afterwards, we went for a drink then headed home as we were pretty damn exhausted after the excitement of that evening.

Signed booklet, yay!

Thanks for reading, lovelies!

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  1. So I went to NYU and thus lived in NYC for a while. I must say, I'm even jealous of your trip! What an amazing experience!


    1. Oh wow, I bet that was incredible! But yeah, it really was the holiday of a lifetime! It really couldn't have been any better :-) thanks for the comment! xx

  2. lol - super funny photos <3