Thursday, 3 July 2014

Statue of Liberty & too much food | New York

Hello lovelies! Thankfully my schedule is starting to get back on track a little (I wonder how long this will last). This post is all about our third day in the Big Apple.

This day was pretty packed! We were going to the Statue of Liberty but on the way there we stopped in Soho which is so, so cute! We went to Dash which is so nice but ridiculously overpriced. All I bought was a Kardashian Beauty lip plumping gloss (which I actually love). We then headed to Battery Park and to the Statue of Liberty. We got right up into the crown of the Statue of Liberty which was absolutely incredible. It's so strange that I have been into the crown of such an iconic statue. It really was the chance of a lifetime so the 146 little, crammed steps up to the crown were worth it, haha! Afterwards we went to Ellis Island which was amazing to see but I'll be honest and say that by this point, the exhaustion was seriously starting to kick in and trying to read things in the museum was just a blur. I would still recommend it though! The best part was definitely all the photographs of the old infectious diseases hospital. They looked like something from a horror film and it was just so interesting.

Afterwards we headed to Times Square for the 'Taste of Times Square food festival'. On our way there we stopped at Junior's and got awesome milkshakes! I know we were headed to a food festival but we were super hungry and super thirsty by this point so we deserved it, haha. Then we went to the food festival which was so cool. All of the restaurants in Times Square had their own stall there and we bought tickets at the beginning and used tickets to get food samples from each stall. We got things like ribs from Applebee's and meatballs from Carmines and much more! We were totally stuffed at the end and just had to use the rest of our tickets on drinks haha.

That evening we went on a night tour of New York. It brought us around the city and over to Brooklyn via the Manhattan Bridge and we got amazing views of Manhattan at night time. My camera isn't amazing at night time shots so there isn't much to see but if you're ever in New York, I would highly recommend going on a night tour because nothing beats New York at night time! It really is a spectacular city.

I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time, goodbye!

- xoxo

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