Saturday, 5 July 2014

Top of the Rock | New York

Hello lovelies! Here goes day 4..

This day largely focused around the Rockefeller Centre. That morning we went to the Top of the Rock. We went right to the top and were not disappointed! New York is such an incredible city and being able to view it from any height is just amazing. You'd think that the views from the Rockefeller Center would be very similar to that of the Empire State Building but the Rock is closer to Central Park so you see a lot more of that and of course you can look across and see the Empire State building. We got sun & stars tickets meaning we could go up during the daytime and again at night which was awesome. I love New York at nighttime!

After going to the Top of the Rock the first time, we headed to Central Park where we rented out bikes and went around the park :-) the park is so lovely and the weather was amazing which made it even better but oh my, that 7 mile ride is hard work! Especially when it's uphill. 

That evening we headed to Junior's for dinner. Junior's is absolutely amazing - great food, brilliant location and lovely staff - I would highly recommend it to anyone! Afterwards we headed back to the Top of the Rock and saw totally different views at night to what we saw during the day. New York is just so beautiful.

Thanks for reading and until next time, goodbye!

- xoxo


  1. I went to New York a few years ago and it was amazing! These pictures really make me want to go back again x

    1. Aww I know. Every time I look at the photos I want to go back. It makes me so emotional looking at them. It's the most amazing place ever. I definitely need to go back some day! xx