Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Puerto Rican day parade, nap time & the Tony Awards | New York

Hello lovelies! Here's day 9 which was our last full day in New York, meaning this is also my second last post. This day I was feeling pretty emotional at the thought of leaving but the exhaustion was really starting to take it's toll too. Prepare to be ridiculously tired with sore muscles and lots of blisters if you're planning on doing anywhere near as much as I done! It's just so, so worth it though and you honestly forget about it when you get home.

In the morning we went to the Puerto Rican day parade. I'm not putting it down at all but I was expecting more from it. There was lots of dancing and beautiful dancing but also lots of breaks where you saw nothing for a while or it was just lots of police forces and army troops. I think if you were Puerto Rican, you would've enjoyed it a lot more! It was still brilliant but I was exhausted and the heat was almost unbearable. It was so lively and loud though and the music was awesome!

We didn't stay for the whole thing because it was just so hot so we headed to Bryant Park. One of our favourite places in New York. We chilled out by the fountain for a bit, then lay on the grass and chilled and then we sat at one of the little tables along the side of the grass and me and my dad totally passed out and fell asleep, haha. Luckily Leeanne stayed awake or our things probably would've been stolen lol. I woke up and had no idea where I was and my lipstick was all over my arm. Ooops! We then went for ice cream, walked up Fifth Avenue and headed back to the hotel.

That evening we went to Times Square.. AGAIN! I know, I know. We spent so much time in Times Square but you'll understand how quickly you fall in love with it if you've been or if you go. I would go back in a second. The Tony Awards were being shown in Times Square and we stayed for a bit and I was singing away to some of the songs, haha. We then walked around and seen a little girl being filmed singing Annie songs and a school drama group posing for photos and their teacher was trying to move people out of the way.. in Times Square, he had no chance at all haha. We then for dinner to Applebee's. Oh my, it is one of the yummiest meals I've had in my whole life! And I have had some amazing meals. It's definitely pricey but worth it. The food was incredible, the decor was awesome and the staff were so lovely! Afterwards, we walked around Times Square a bit more and went to Hershey's! On the way home, we passed Bryant Park and got a few pics since it's one of our favourite places. I loved this day but that pending doom of going home was just over me all day! But hey, we had to go home some time.

I hope you liked this post. I think it's been a bit longer than my others so I'm sorry, haha. I only have one post left of my New York series so come back in a few days to check it out. Thanks for reading! Until next time, goodbye!

- xoxo
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  1. I've been loving your New York series! You took some beautiful pictures, it makes me want to go so bad! Don't even get me started on how jealous I am of your Sephora adventures. It looks like you had such a fab time. :-)

    1. Thank you lovely! I'm quite proud of my photographs :-) my camera got more use than ever. New York is just wonderful and Sephora is heaven, haha. You definitely need to go at some point! I'll 100% be going back when I eventually have money! xx