Friday, 28 November 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas | Life Update

Hello lovelies! A couple of days ago, me and the lovely Katy from Little Laughter Lines had a little day out in Belfast catching up, drinking lots and eating even more. Our first stop was Bubbacue, our little food spot that we can't resist every time we get together. Who really can resist pulled pork sandwiches? We then headed off to the Christmas markets where I took lots of photos for you to have a little nosey at.

The Christmas market is in Belfast from Saturday 15th November - Sunday 21st December 2014. I really love the market because although I hate the cold at this time of year, it brings such a lovely atmosphere to the city centre. I'm not the biggest fan of Belfast city centre all year round but at Christmas time it's totally different and the buzz about the place is incredible. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't already! 

We couldn't go to the market and not get a couple of steins, haha. We got strawberry & lime cider and although you pay £8.50, you almost get a litre so you can't really complain.

How cute is everything, aaaah.

How yummy does all this chocolate look!?

Now I haven't bought any this year yet but I can tell you from experience that this sweetie laces are incredible. Yum yum.

All the little gifts are adorable.

This is chocolate! How do they make it look rusty? I don't understand, haha.

Although me and Katy had already had Bubbacue, we couldn't pass up some Bratwursts at the end of our day.

We spent hours at the market just chilling out and catching up and it was such a lovely day! I'm sure most of you have been to your local Christmas market but if you haven't, it's definitely a lovely little day out. Belfast does well when it comes to Christmas.. well done, Belfast! I've already been to the market twice this year but I'll definitely have another visit or two before it leaves. You can find the opening times for the market here.

I hope you liked this type of post and the pictures that I took. There's obviously a lot more stalls than what I've shown but it gives you an idea anyway. What Christmassy things do you like to do? Have you visited your local Christmas market? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading & until next time, goodbye!

- xoxo



  1. So many photos! Gotta love a Christmas market :) I need to go one soon. It looks lovely in Belfast. Hope you had an amazing time and thanks for sharing the photos!

    1. You deffo need to get yourself to one asap, haha. Thanks for the lovely comment! xx