Sunday, 9 November 2014

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub | Review

Hello lovelies! I'm sure many of you have either read about or tried the Lush lip scrubs as it seems to be one of those cult products within the blogging community.. However, I just wanted to throw some of my own views out there.

As the weather was starting to get colder, I was feeling the impending doom of horrible, chapped lips and so I knew I needed something to sort the problem before it began. I was in Lush with my fave girl, Katy (who went a bit mad - you can see her haul here) when I decided to buy this product. I had seen so much hype about this product so couldn't really resist.

The lip scrub can either be bought in store or online here for £5.50. There are 3 flavours throughout the year - bubblegum, popcorn and mint - and at Christmas time there is a 'Santa's lip scrub'. They all smell great and picking one was such a dilemma for me because I'm so indecisive at times but the pink of the bubblegum lip scrub drew me in a bit more so I opted for that one. It smells and tastes incredible!

This product is great for getting rid of little chapped bits but I find that if your lips are in a really bad state then it's going to take a bit more than a lip scrub to help you out. This product doesn't work miracles but to sort out a little bit of dead skin, it does the trick. It can be a bit messy but most lip scrubs are. Lush recommend that you use one of their balms afterwards but I find that using Vaseline works just as well and it's a bit cheaper too.

So overall, it's a good product but it doesn't really live up to the hype that has been created about it. I do like it and use it most days and I do find that the more you use it, the better your lips are in the long-run. But if your lips are really bad (which tends to happen to a lot of us in Winter) then sadly this will not restore them to normal. I would recommend this product though as I found that my lips are softer now than before I ever used the product.

Thanks for reading and I hope you liked this little review. It's not the usual, totally positive review of this product but I prefer to tell you what I really think. Have you tried this lip scrub or any other lip scrubs that you would recommend? Until next time, goodbye!

- xoxo


  1. Love this! I have the mint one! Really smoothes my lips xx

    1. Thanks! The mint one smells delicious :') xx

  2. I love the mint one too, I feel like I consume an unsafe amount of it when it's on my lips though!
    - Grace xx
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    1. I'm the same, haha! Ah well.. it tastes too good not to :') I just followed you on Bloglovin, girly! Thanks for the comment xx

  3. Not tried this yet but I think I need to now :) x

  4. I still have yet to try this, my lips get the same way of course. I guess it would be good in general to have just when your lips feel a little rough. Not cute, lol. xo