Monday, 2 March 2015

What I loved in February | Beauty favourites

Hello lovelies! I haven't wrote a favourites post in a very long time and I thought it'd be a great way to start off March on my blog. The above products haven't left my makeup bag all month and I'm absolutely loving every single one of them. I'll talk about them all in a little more detail below. P.S. It's March already!? I can't believe it. Anyway..

Firstly, I'll start off with my favourite Benefit products of the month. If you've been reading my blog, you'll already know that I love Benefit's new mascara, Roller Lash. After even more use since my review, I can honestly say that Roller Lash is the best mascara I've ever used. I haven't touched another mascara since I first used it on my training day in January and I'll definitely be repurchasing again and again. If you haven't tried it, you definitely need to! 

Although I love using Gimme Brow on customers in work, I didn't actually own one myself until quite recently but boy am I glad I bought myself one. I am obsessed with this product! It has tiny microfibers in the gel which attach to your brows, making them look fuller and more defined. I love using this alongside my Browzings to give a really defined brow look. If I'm in a bit of a rush or going for a more natural look I'll just use it on it's own as it's so quick and easy to use. If you're looking for something to add a bit more oomph to your brows or something that's just super quick and easy to use then I would definitely recommend this product. I use light/medium if you're wondering.

Oh, Cashmere.. my love. What did I do before you!? This lip product has changed my life. I saw so many beauty bloggers and makeup artists using this product from Lime Crime and just thought it looked so, so beautiful so I ordered one for myself. This colour is very different on everyone that uses it which I love. It's quite a dark nudey-brown on myself but I know that on my best friend and makeup artist, Nicola, it's a lot more of a pinky-grey. This product lasts for so long with no need for reapplication. I also love that it can be used under different lipsticks to create very different, long-lasting looks. The only slight downside is how drying it is but this is what makes it so long-lasting. Just make to exfoliate and moisturise your lips very well before use.

I'm a self-confessed concealer addict so I'm always trying and buying new concealers and this was my most recent one to try out. The only reason I actually bought this one is because I can't find my shade in the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer anywhereee but I'm so glad I've tried it now. It's the Maybelline Fit Me concealer in #15. I had read good reviews about this product but was actually really skeptical to try it because I hated the foundation. Luckily, I really like this product. It's very creamy and although it feels quite light, it gives great coverage and can be built up if necessary. I love using it on both dark circles and redness and find that it covers both so well. I love how creamy and easily blendable it is. I'm not so heartbroken about not being able to find the Collection concealer anymore.

Lastly, it's my beloved MAC products. If you don't know me or follow me on Instagram then you won't know of my complete love of MAC's Viva Glam 2 lipstick. It's incredible. I've mentioned it before on this blog but I hadn't really used my MAC lipsticks much at that point so I didn't say much about it but oh my God, I just adore it now! It's definitely my go-to lipstick for both everyday looks and night looks and I love pairing it with Cashmere which I've already mentioned. It's just such a lovely colour that I find suits me so well and although it's a matte lipstick, it feels so creamy and lasts for so long on lips without ever feeling uncomfortable.

And last but by no means least is Mineralize Skinfinish powder in Soft and Gentle - the most beautiful highlighter to ever grace my makeup collection. It's the loveliest gold toned highlight which looks lovely day or night. I find that a lot of people say it's better for darker skin tones but I'm very pale and love it on myself. I feel a bit bad for all of my other highlighters that haven't even had a look in since I bought this but it's just too beautiful. If you haven't seen it or any of the other Skinfinish powders, you should definitely get yourself to a MAC counter and check them out!

This was a kind of long and wordy post but I hope you liked it! I haven't posted a favourites post in so long and I just got a real notion to write one so here we are. Let me know if you liked it in the comments and if you've tried any of these products yourself. Thanks for reading & until next time, goodbye!

- xoxo



  1. I love the look of Roller Lash! Everyone seems to be raving about it at the moment! x
    Elise @ Elise Dopson

    1. It's honestly amazing! I've never loved a mascara so much, as sad as that sounds haha. It's definitely worth the hype. Thanks for the comment lovely :) xx