Friday, 29 May 2015

Spreading the Love | Follow Friday

Source: Pinterest

Hello lovelies! Today is just a little shout out to all the pages that I really love. I loved the above quote that I found and thought that I would spread a little bit of my own love. I've popped in someone from each social media site so if you're looking for some new blog posts to read or some new photos to nosey at, this is a post for you!


Katy is not only one of my closest friends but an amazingly talented writer and photographer. Like me, she's recently re-launched her blog and it looks beautiful. If you're a fan of beauty and lifestyle posts then I would definitely recommend checking her out. She can also be found on Instagram, Twitter and most recently YouTube. 


Nicola, my beaut best friend, does the most amazing makeup so if you're interested in beauty then definitely check out her page for inspiration, tips & tricks. Nicola is also on Instagram and she's recently starting making YouTube videos which I love. However, she makes doing makeup look so easy and I just can't do it like her *cries*


Nanda is a lovely instagrammer who commented on one of my posts after discovering my page through my aunt who she had been speaking to for a while. Nanda has the most beautiful home and is actually going to be featured in Ireland's Home Interiors & Living magazine. So if you're at all like me and love all things homeware then definitely give her a follow. Her and her family seem so lovely and she's so kind! She deserves so many more thousands of followers.


I forever find myself going onto Stefanie's page to see if she's posted anything new. It seems that everything she writes I either relate to or just totally agree with. I've followed her since way back in her Tumblr days and now also follow her on Instagram and her blog ISPYSJ too. She's just one of those people who seems to be able to do everything so well. Especially, her brows.. Just look at them!


I've been totally in love with Melanie's channel for the past few months and just keep seeing her channel grow. She's an absolutely beautiful, funny, Irish girl who makes the best videos. I'm always checking to see if she has a new one up. A lot of you will probably have heard of her but if not, definitely check her out. She's also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

So there you have it, my current favourites of the online world! All these ladies are definitely worth a look. They're all the pages I constantly find myself checking to see if there's anything new. 

If you know of any great pages that you think I'd like or that you want to share with others, please comment below! I'd love to have some more to check out :) thanks so much for reading!

With love,


  1. Thank you so much Caitlin! This is so sweet of you. I love you gal xxx

    1. Not a problem at all, lovely! Love you too chicka xx