Wednesday, 17 June 2015

IN! Magazine Beauty Brunch | Lifestyle

Hello lovelies! So, myself and the fabulous Katy had a lovely Sunday out and I thought I’d tell you a little bit about it. We attended IN! Magazine’s Beauty Brunch event at The Ivory Restaurant with the help of lots of the lovely Houseof Fraser staff.

This event was a beauty masterclass and a brunch rolled into one.. Makeup and food, could I really resist? After being greeted with live music and cocktails, we posed for photos, relaxed on the rooftop terrace and chatted. We then sat down to our food and the food was to show The Ivory Restaurant’s new Sunday brunch menu and so we were treated to tea/coffee, croissants, fruit salad, salmon bagels and a fry on a kebab stick. A wonderful idea, really!

While munching away, we watched as the masterclass took place. There was a stunning model sat on stage and we were talked through skincare, makeup, hair and fragrance, each from different brands. Firstly, Destination Skin talked through different skincare products but if I’m honest I didn’t hear much of this because the women at our table talked the whole way through. Slightly annoying but then because I couldn’t hear anything I started talking too, so I really didn’t help anything. I couldn’t really tell them to be quiet though, could I? A large group of women against me and Katy.. No thank you.

Estée Lauder then applied their Double Wear Foundation to the model which gave a beautiful, full-coverage finish. I haven’t tried this foundation before and although I have heard mixed reviews, I kind of want to. (Katy and I went to the Estée Lauder counter afterwards but the lady was busy with other customers so we just toddled along to Jo Malone to take in lots of lovely scents of products that we cannot afford, sadly). Vita Liberata were demonstrating next and showing their self-tanning products. Not that I had much interest as I’m as pale as they come and plan to stay that way.

Next to take the stage were two girls from Benefit, Regan and Nadine, and of course being a Benebabe myself I gave them my full attention as they talked through the extreme importance of brows and also demonstrating a smoky eye look. Obviously Browzings and Gimme Brow were the two products that were shown for brows as they are the #1 and #2 bestselling brow products respectively in the UK.  The smoky eye was created using the Big Beautiful Eyes kit, the They're Real! Mascara and the They’re Real! Push-up Gel Liner. Lastly on the makeup front, Dior talked through their Rouge Dior lipsticks and chose one which suited the model’s skintone by using their special technology. Although, personally I think you should put on whatever lipstick you like not dependent on your skin tone, hair colour or whatever else.

Next was Brenda Shankey from Jason Shankey Hairdressing who answered many hair dilemmas from the crowd while creating ‘Kardashian waves’ by using GHD curls. She spoke about the importance of hair care products, texturizing sprays and a 12-week blowdry. Brenda said that you can get a 4-week blowdry for £20 to trial this and I’m really considering it.  We were then given a £10 gift voucher to use at Jason Shankey Hairdressing, which is a bonus when you’re as broke as I am! To wrap it all up, two ladies from Giorgio Armani showed off a few of their best-selling fragrances. This included Giorgio Armani Si which we got four 1.5ml samples of (two of the eau de parfum and two of the eau de toilette samples).

At the very end of the brunch, everyone was given a goodie bag which had a £10 House of Fraser gift card which I will definitely be putting towards a cosmetic purchase in the near future and we were also given the latest edition of IN! Magazine.

Afterwards, me and Katy headed off to Bubbacue for more food and I know we sound like fatties but we didn’t eat too much at the brunch because we can’t get together and not go to Bubbacue.. It’s a sin! As always, I got the pulled pork sandwich with fries and it was delightful. We then trundled with very full bellies off to Alley Cat for a couple of hours where we had a drink, lots of catching-up and plenty of laughs. I really love our little days out, as rare as they may be.

We both really enjoyed the Beauty Brunch. However, I really wish there was more things like this in Belfast as all the London bloggers have the life of it with all of their events. Send some our way, please!

What do you think of this kind of event? Would you attend one yourself? Let me know below. Thank you so much for reading.

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  1. I had such a nice day with you! I love your photos gal. I could do with that Bubbacue again haha. I really hope more events like this pop up in Belfast!

    Katy Belle | Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. Thanks girl :) oh I know, me too! It's so good. I really hope so too though! It would be great xx