Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Gerard Cosmetics Buttercup and Butter Cream | Review

Hello lovelies! I took a very short break from blogging last week due to some personal reasons but I'm back with a review for you all. Today, I'm reviewing two Gerard Cosmetics products.. the Buttercup lipstick and the Color Your Smile Lighted Lipgloss in Butter Cream. Two of Jaclyn Hill's (aka Queen) creations.

After seeing the likes of Jaclyn Hill and Manny mua raving about these products, I knew I had to try them and when I saw that Gerard Cosmetics were having a sale, it was something I couldn't pass. I got the Create Your Own Lip Bundle - a lipstick and a lipgloss for $13 (£8/9) - bargain!

Firstly, let's talk packaging. The lipstick packaging is not my favourite - a shiny gold that looks quite cheap and gets dirty sooo easily. However, look at that lipgloss packaging  - on the side, there is a handy mirror for re-application and when you open it up, there's a light! An actual light inside your lipgloss. What more could you want whilst trying to reapply your lipgloss whilst drunk in a dark club!? The packaging of the lipgloss definitely looks a lot more expensive and feels a lot sturdier too. 

Next, the formula. Being honest, neither of these two products are the absolute best formula I've tried but they're most definitely not the worst either. They both don't feel too heavy on your lips and apply so easily. The Butter Cream lipgloss is very pigmented but still allows for lipsticks below to show through and the Buttercup lipstick is the perfect everyday nude pink (swatches below). However, they're just not that long lasting. Lipglosses never really tend to last that long on me anyway so this wasn't a huge concern for me but the lipstick didn't last for that long either. I  did however find that using it over Mac lip pencils or Too Faced lip liners really makes a different in the longevity of the product. Buttercup is beautiful paired with Mac's Soar. The lipstick isn't matte so maybe that's why it didn't last that long on me as I tend to opt for matte formulas. It's very buttery in texture so the name suits it well. 

(L-R: Buttercup lipstick & Butter Cream lipgloss).

The colours of both of these products are so easy to wear and I honestly do keep them in my main handbag at all times in case I need a quick freshen up of my makeup. I do tend to opt for Mac products over these but that's not to say they aren't good, I just have my preferences. For the price I paid for them, I honestly can't complain at all but I don't think I would have paid full price for these products (since I'm a broke student). I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for more sales so I can try more colours. I really want to try 1995!

Have any of you tried these products or any Gerard Cosmetics products? Let me know what you think of them below. I hope you liked this review. I understand that my reviews aren't the best but I'm trying to be as helpful as possible. Thanks for reading!

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  1. The colors look great! I need to check if I can get these products here as well :)

    1. You should be able to. I live in Northern Ireland and got the products shipped from America :) xx