Thursday, 23 July 2015

My Top 20 Favourite Photos | Lifestyle

Hello lovelies! Today is something a little different and more personal. I love going through photographs - both new and old - so I thought I would share my top 20 favourite photos of all time. It's really hard whittling it down to just 20 as I have thousands of photos saved to my laptop, phone, Facebook and hard drive. But here we are!

With the lovely Katy, doing what we do best - in Alleycat with a drink and having a laugh.

Many, many years ago on holiday with my daddy and Ellie. I don't even remember where exactly in Spain we are here but I remember going home early with daddy this night and getting a chinese takeaway on the way back to the hotel, haha. Forever taking food over social interactions.. Nothing's changed there.

The time we very randomly bumped into Made In Chelsea's Louise and Binky in New York! Turns out they were filming Made In Chelsea: New York. We were so shocked because we never thought we would meet them in New York after we had tried hunting them down when we were in London, haha!

I adore this photo. I must only be about 2 here but my Daddy has us facing the mirror so I could see us both, which is obviously very exciting when you're that age haha. I cut this photo out when I was about 7/8 for a photo album that I had so now I just have this little cut-up version, oops!

Sam just being a total cutie when he was about 3 I believe. He always loved hanging out in my room and getting his hands on whatever I was doing.

Out at Filthy's with all the lovely girls from work. As much as I complain about my job (as everyone does), I couldn't leave this lot. I've made a few really good friends working at Benefit.

Me, Sam and Ellie recently when we headed for ice cream. These two grow up so quickly.. It's scaring me! Slow down guys.

Throwback to me being the biggest fangirl everrrr. I melted heads for about a year talking about Union J. I still love them but I'm just not totally obsessed anymore ('thank god' I hear my friends say). I managed to meet them a few times and this was the first time when they played a gig and done a meet and greet in El Divino and tickets were only £10! Imagine that, haha.

An example of one of me and Nicola's extremely spontaneous nights out. It was a few nights before Halloween and we decided at about 9pm to go out with no costumes (hence the cat faces). Somehow Nicola ended up with some skeleton/bride/ghost costume thing, haha. I don't know how we always manage to end up drunk when we're together.

Me and my lovely boyfriend, Blair, when he took me to Portugal for my birthday. We were just drunk and so happy the whole time and this picture shows us both drunk and happy so pretty much sums up the holiday. Can't wait for more travels with this one!

Probably my favourite photo of all time! My wonderful Granda Davy, me and my amazing Daddy. My two favourite men ever. Sadly, we lost our Granda Davy last April but we always have the lovely memories together to look back on.

The day me, Sam and Ellie ended up in the park feeding the birds and ducks. Me and Sam kept getting swarmed by them when we had the bread and it was just so funny. I love when natural emotions get captured on camera.

Basically, me and Nicola have always been weirdos and this photo is an example of that.

Me and Daddy on the High Line in New York. A lovely place to visit and I couldn't have spent this trip with anyone better - my Daddy and stepmum, Leeanne.

That time me and Kerry went to a club in Lurgan and ended up being best mates with Simon Webbe from Blue who was DJ-ing that night. I noticed him and Kerry didn't even believe it was him at first. One of the funniest and most eventful nights out.. ever!

Me and Leeanne went to London back in 2013 and had the best time. Some people seemed to think it was weird that it was just me and my stepmum going away together but we honestly get on the best. I'd be lost without her!

Me, Daddy and Ellie on Florianska Street in Krakow, Poland in 2011 - my second favourite place after New York. This was my first time there and I went a further two times and still want to go again.

This is such a great photo! Almost all the family at my Granda Davy and Nana Joan's 50th wedding anniversary in 2009. This was such a nice day and having all the family together like that never happens so it was great.

Just me, Leeanne and James Franco. Casual. No, but seriously.. I met this dude twice whilst in New York! How cool. We went to see Of Mice And Men on Broadway as it's one of my all time favourite plays so seeing it live and with such big stars was incredible.

I think this was maybe my 8th or 9th birthday, not sure, but this photo has been up on my pinboard for years. I just love it. Green's Pizza was where we went every year for my birthday. Shout out to the St. John's gals, haha!

I know this was a little more personal but I hope you enjoyed this. I know this will be something that I'll like looking back on. Photographs are so incredible - you can capture a moment and keep it forever - how amazing! I always get photos printed as I hate just having them on a device where they could possibly get lost. I have a big pinboard in my bedroom and I'm forever sticking new photos up on it.

What are some of your favourite photos? Do you just ever sit and look back on yours? Let me know below. I hope you liked this and thanks for reading.

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  1. Lovely photos! Younger me would have been insanely jealous of you meeting Simon Webbe hehe :')
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

    1. Thank you! It was super random and so funny, still can't believe we met him haha xx

  2. Lovely photos! So jelous of your pic with union j ! X